[Sinful Sunday] F*ck my NIPPLES Tumblr!!!

Not literally … no wait … I am actually into that, so literally works for me too. Not Tumblr though they can’t fuck any bits of me because they’re stinky poo heads!


I hope you are thoroughly traumatised by the sight of my ‘female presenting nipples’ and may your eyes never recover from the sheer horror of their existence. If you’d like to complain you send you emails to kissmyass@freethenipples.com

Who else is being Sinful this Sunday?

28 thoughts on “[Sinful Sunday] F*ck my NIPPLES Tumblr!!!”

  1. I’m tramatise!
    Though not by your nipples … which do look absolutely fuckable … but rather by Tumblr’s vile, judgemental, anti-sex policy. May theit policy nakers be infested with one genital wart for every single subscriber they loose, and may and may they contraxt a painful STI every time they hipcritically indulge their most debauched fantasies. #vivelesnips

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  2. Ah yes the dreaded nipple – that’s what initially i got banned by doing on twitter this time round- posting a breast with the life giving nipple 😉 x Nice shot and attack is good

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