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When I started my blog I never really had many expectations for it, it was mostly going to be a platform for me to get things of my chest and free some space in my mind. As time has gone on, and as the podcast has also come into being, my little blog has started to become a lot more than I ever imagined it would be.

Long before we ever put anything in place people had begun to ask us how they could help support the podcast, which is how our Patreon site came to be. This page is where you can find information on how to support the blog and podcast if you enjoy what we do and would like to help us grow and reach more curious kinksters.

That said, while all the support we receive is appreciated, more than I think I can express in written word, just the fact so many of you come by my blog and like posts and leave comments means the absolute world to me. I don’t want anyone to ever think that I don’t count that as support and encouragement, because I absolutely do. My readers and our podcast listeners are truly fabulous.

Support the Blog:

  • Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee – I mainly set this up for my Instagram followers who had made enquiries as to whether or not I could set this up. But if you do see something that you loved so much you feel buying me a coffee, then I won’t say no. I do love a hot beverage.

Support the Podcast:

  • – We are an NSFW site on Patreon so we are not searchable there, to access us you need to follow a link or type in This is the only place you can get our spin off podcast FemDom and Fetish Fun. Where Bakji and I talk in detail about our kinky scenes.

Asides from that any time you like a post, re-blog, share on Twitter or leave a comment that is a huge amount of support in itself, and I thank you so much for taking the time to come and visit me, especially those who come back time and time again.

Floss x